2016, a year with lots of changes.

Well, hello there. 2016 has been quite a busy year for me, I moved back up to Bournemouth in January and have literally just moved into a place of my own. It’s a little sparse at the moment, not a lot of furniture (let alone a desk to work at) until it arrives next week. So that’s quite exciting. I never thought I’d look forward to sitting at a desk!

I’ve also made a few transitions with regard to iOS Development practices, so I’m now using Swift, managed object classes and even auto-layout which is much less effort than the internet led me to believe back in the day.

There’s an Apple Watch and TVoS app in the works, too. So lots of new technologies to play with in the coming months. Watch this space.


Note to self, don’t neglect a server for that long!

My decision to perform a years worth of updates didn’t really work out very well when mixed with the decision to update PHP. The result was a lot of undesirable behaviour.

Annoyingly after doing so, I was using a project to check that everything was still running whilst completely forgetting that said project was hosted elsewhere… (Awkward).

Anyway, after a few hours and a little patience, everything’s now running on a shiny new instance and performing pleasantly. Let’s keep it that way!

Doesn’t time fly.

Bloody hell, it’s been a while since I’ve posted on here. Awkward. I changed jobs back in December, moving down to Cornwall, and as I’m sure you can imagine it’s been a busy few months. I’m now finding myself with enough time to get back into the swing of things.

There’s a few smaller projects I’ve got in the works, as well as a growing number of legacy projects that could do with an upgrade and a lick of paint. Hopefully I’ll be able to get some of these sorted soon, and out the way, so I’ve the chance the work on something new.

Anyway, that’s all for now. As you were.


I had some spare time, so I modernised the PSSWD interface, a little. A mixture of Helvetica Neue Light & Thin was used, instead of the system default font. Which has made a difference. The buttons have also changed from being square to rounded with a transparent background and a coloured border.

The new version is available here: https://itunes.apple.com/gb/app/psswd-password-generator/id898897162?ls=1

The HLUC App is now available!

The HLUC iOS App, or Christmas Gift List & Countdown as it’s now known, is now available on the App Store.

“Keeping track of what gifts you need to buy, and for who, can sometimes get the better of you. There’s a lot to think about when it comes to Christmas! This app aims to take some of the stress away, providing you with an easy to use Gift List. It let’s you know, at a glance, how many gifts you still need to purchase, and for whom. It also provides you with an easy and festive way to find out how long it is until Christmas. ”

Click here to download it.


Zizim – Status Update

I re-designed the interface for Zizim back in May, and the original plan way to implement the new design into the existing PHP build. I got to a stage where it was nearly finished, but I made the decision to re-build the backend using Ruby on Rails because the end-result would be a clean codebase and a strong foundation for the API which I will be releasing at the same time.

The build is nearing completion, and will be released over the next week or two.

All of the previously shortened URL’s and aliases will be retained. Hooray!

HLUC – iOS App

My original plan was to release something fairly basic, very similar to the website in terms of functionality. Apple wasn’t too keen on this, because the primary feature of the app was sharing. So I went back to the drawing board, and had another look at the various competing applications already available on the App Store. It was evident, looking at them through fresh eyes, that they’d gotten around this restriction by including the facility to play some generic Christmas music.

I wasn’t going to do that. So I built on the original concept and decided to include a Gift List. There’s a lot to think about, when it comes to Christmas and keeping track of what you need to buy for who is no mean feat. It seemed like a much more useful feature than a couple of Christmas jingles, and will hopefully make the App appeal to a wider audience. It was an informative exercise, as it provided me

It’s currently pending review, fingers crossed. A couple of screenshots are included below for your perusal.

iOS Simulator Screen Shot 1 Nov 2014 20.14.44iOS Simulator Screen Shot 1 Nov 2014 20.07.53 iOS Simulator Screen Shot 1 Nov 2014 20.09.09 iOS Simulator Screen Shot 1 Nov 2014 20.07.42

How Long Until Christmas, Re-design

How Long Until Christmas is something I whipped together a few years ago, and I re-built the website using Node. I’ve always intended to spruce up the visuals, but it’s just one of those things that always slipped to the bottom of the list.

I’ve spent some time recently and come up with something that I feel is more pleasing to the eye, and unlike the current design actually has a Christmasy feel about it.

This time around, I’m also throwing together an iOS application which will be released at the same time as the website re-launch. It’s very simple, but I think it works.

I’m hoping to have the new site, and application, live before the end of September at the latest.

iOS V1 Website