Ziz.im URL Shortener

Notice: Zizim has since been re-written. The details are visible here.

Ziz.im was a project I first started back in 2011, when I needed to get away from university revision. After it’s initial creation, I hadn’t really touched it at all. The only reason I’ve had a play with it recently is that my old host ceased trading and I’ve not had Ziz.im live for a few months. So I figured, before I get it live again why not have a play with it. See if I can clean it up a little.

It was a simple, yet interesting, build. The code for this project is available on GitHub.

The premise couldn’t really be any simpler. You supply a valid URL, and Ziz.im will provide you with a shortened version. There was some crude tracking available in the original release, which I have yet to carry over to this build, but the click data is being collected. It just needs to be interpreted and displayed.

There’s also admittedly a few logic loopholes which I’ll address in the future, but on the whole it performs it’s core function.



Projects I’ve been involved in.

These are a few of the recent projects which I’ve been involved in recently, and a brief description of my involvement with the project.

Hampshire Lanterns
This was admittedly a simple build, for a charity based in the Southampton area. A free, responsive, theme was sourced and customised in order to fit the requirements. The use of custom post types was employed to allow the various aspects of the site to be laid out in a logical fashion. For the displaying of certain post types, in a particular way, I created a couple of shortcodes which handled the looping (and styling aspect) also allows for easy editing in the future. As opposed to putting this logic directly into the page template.

Matthew Harris Cloth
I ported the pre-existing static website into WordPress, utilising the Bones boilerplate theme. Custom content types, image styles and page templates were also used in order to produce a logical backend structure.

Sainsbury’s Primary Logistics
I produced this static, responsive, website from a series of PSD’s (Photoshop Designs) which I was provided with. jQuery, CSS3 and HTML5 were utilised in this build.