Cordova (Phonegap) first impression

I’ve recently found some time to have a play with Cordova (or Phonegap, if you prefer). Partially influenced by my recent purchase of a ZTE Open C, and my desire to experiment with FirefoxOS application development.

My first impressions are very positive, there wasn’t any discernible learning curve. It’s a very refreshing feeling being able to use my pre-existing front-end skills to build mobile applications. The one thing I have noticed, possibly just a lack of searching on my part, is that the plugins for dealing with standalone SQLite / Native storage integration (to bypass the 5mb database limit) seem to be a little lacking.

Other than that, I’ve been very impressed. I’ve got a few basic applications planned, which will let me get better acquainted with the technology and see how it behaves in a production scenario.

It’ll be interesting to see how this technology progresses in the future.