HLUC – iOS App

My original plan was to release something fairly basic, very similar to the website in terms of functionality. Apple wasn’t too keen on this, because the primary feature of the app was sharing. So I went back to the drawing board, and had another look at the various competing applications already available on the App Store. It was evident, looking at them through fresh eyes, that they’d gotten around this restriction by including the facility to play some generic Christmas music.

I wasn’t going to do that. So I built on the original concept and decided to include a Gift List. There’s a lot to think about, when it comes to Christmas and keeping track of what you need to buy for who is no mean feat. It seemed like a much more useful feature than a couple of Christmas jingles, and will hopefully make the App appeal to a wider audience. It was an informative exercise, as it provided me

It’s currently pending review, fingers crossed. A couple of screenshots are included below for your perusal.

iOS Simulator Screen Shot 1 Nov 2014 20.14.44iOS Simulator Screen Shot 1 Nov 2014 20.07.53 iOS Simulator Screen Shot 1 Nov 2014 20.09.09 iOS Simulator Screen Shot 1 Nov 2014 20.07.42