Ziz.im rewritten in OOP PHP

I posted a few weeks ago, when I tidied up the Ziz.im codebase and put it live after a period of downtime. I’ve since taken the time to completely re-write the code using OOP PHP principles, and I have to say it was significantly more pleasant to build than the the original method. Utilising OOP makes a lot of sense, even in this fairly limited use case.

I’ve also re-engineered the front-end so that it’s making use of the Twitter Bootstrap. I’ve grown to really like the Twitter Bootstrap, and think it lends itself well (albeit in standard styles) to this project.

The core aspects of a public API have been built into this version, which will be released shortly. To be honest, you can probably work out how to use it at the moment, it’s not rocket science. There’s just some housework and small additions that need to be made to make the API “public”. I’ll be doing this over the next few weeks.

This re-engineered version of Zizim is also available on GitHub.┬áThere are areas it could be improved, but on the whole I’m very happy with the way it’s turned out.