Zizim – UI Re-design

TL;DR The design can be viewed on my Behance Profile.

Zizim is a project I originally started back in University. I rebuilt it using OOP principles a few weeks back, but the generic interface has been bugging me ever since. So I’ve spent some time working on a new interface, which I think works well.

The homepage is now, essentially, a full screen textfield. A URL is pasted into this field, and when the form is submitted it generates and returns your short URL. There’ll be the option to login using Twitter, which allows the saving of shortened URLs; tracking statistics and the option to add an alias to the URL.

From Zizim HQ, which is accessible when logged in, you’re given an overview of all of the shortened URL’s which have been generated and some basic information, including the number of times the link has been clicked.

Click on one of these rows will take you to a page with some more comprehensive usage metrics, and graphs, which I haven’t built yet. That’s next on the list. I’ll probably re-launch the service with the basic click tracking initially, and add the comprehensive metric later.

Now all I have to do is build this in the existing backend, which I’ll be doing over the weekend.

Designs visible on my Behance Profile, here.