Ziz.im URL Shortener

Notice: Zizim has since been re-written. The details are visible here.

Ziz.im was a project I first started back in 2011, when I needed to get away from university revision. After it’s initial creation, I hadn’t really touched it at all. The only reason I’ve had a play with it recently is that my old host ceased trading and I’ve not had Ziz.im live for a few months. So I figured, before I get it live again why not have a play with it. See if I can clean it up a little.

It was a simple, yet interesting, build. The code for this project is available on GitHub.

The premise couldn’t really be any simpler. You supply a valid URL, and Ziz.im will provide you with a shortened version. There was some crude tracking available in the original release, which I have yet to carry over to this build, but the click data is being collected. It just needs to be interpreted and displayed.

There’s also admittedly a few logic loopholes which I’ll address in the future, but on the whole it performs it’s core function.